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Created 9 September, 2010
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Refleksi & Terapi Aroma

This website was created as an educational introduction to the benefits of massage therapy. We support the concept of reflexology and massage therapy at home and we will attempt to provide you with information that we believe is helpful and safe to practice. However information from links that we provide to outside websites is the responsibility of those particular websites. We encourage a range of techniques that maximize the health benefits of Reflexology, Massage, and Aroma Therapy, based upon Effleurage, Tapotement, dan Petrisage to assist Circulation and the Lymphatic System.

Our Recommendations After A Busy Day At Work
Back Reflexology
Back Reflexology
Back Reflexology
Feel Yourself Unwind

For Those Who Work On Their Feet

Our Recommendations After Busy A Week At Work
  • Feet, Legs & Arms Reflexology
    (Includes a 5 minute back or scalp massage while you are bathing your feet before your massage)

  • Full-Body Massage or Reflexology 1.5 Hrs
    (Aromatic Oils - In a Reflexology Chair or on a Reflexology Table)